Monday, November 25, 2013

Film – Feb, April 2011

More film dumps from folders entitled Feb and April 2011.
Hell good afternoon tea birthday cake fest at location unknown on Phillip Island

arvo tea 1

tobias-luke-rohan-rebecca-dale[deep thinking pose]

Chillin with my cousins above and my uncle Doug below with what looks like a Yashica or some ancient Voigtlander.

uncle doug

Totem tennis seriously rules yo.

totem tennis

Back to the suburbs, private rental.
To move here is to commit suicide, a very slow suicide


Smoking area for the kids, Campbelfield


SRSLY Keegs, i had to.


Ur-banality broken by lost balloons.
Somewhere in St Albans

F1000019 (2)

Kriss workin on Duncans mini

F1000021 (2)

Chandelier in the NGV

F1000017 (4)

Good burgers just out of Albury/Wodonga (i think)

F1000020 (4)

Do it longer, the lamp-post needs to SMS ‘try’


Sandridge Beach, the beach to go to in the West thats not really in the dig?

F1000018 (Small)

Driftwood & Blanket, Sandridge Beach



Somewhere in country Victoria


More old film images coming soon, probably…
..also got a couple new Sticky Sketches up here