Sunday, June 3, 2012

the mission that was getting to groote eylandt

so i found a bunch of photos i forgot to put up earlier from the day we first flew into groote eylandt.

raynee below waiting outside vincent avaition at around 5:30am after one of the most hectic and busy days of my life thus far.
in a nutshell, friday the 30th april 2012 raynee and myself somehow did all this:

- worked my last days work delivering the blinds.
- filmed a day in the life with kris, stopped at two skateparks, drunk a beer or two
- got home to finish packing all our house up.
- found out we’d been stooged by the removalists.
- continued to pack the last of our stuff, ordered another storage unit.
- took another load to the tip to rid ourselves of the last of our junk.
- we then both packed all our house into my van in around 4-5 trips to the storage unit.
- finished that and drove to my parents house in parkdale to drop my beloved ki-ki off (my cat, she ended up moving to phillip island with my uncle)
- drove back to alices house in elsternwick, chilled for about an hour.
- got in a cab to the airport for a 12:45am flight to darwin.
- arrived darwin to find our tickets had been booked at the wrong time, missed connecting flight.
- bought new tickets from the tight ass vincent aviation.
and then finally at around i think 6:30 or 7am we boarded a twin engine, propellor driven plane to groote.
it was a long, drawn out massive nauseation of a day.
but we made it…these are the pics of the flight to our final destination, very tired souls!






even though the view out of the plane was great, the tiredness got to raynee and she crashed hard..



cool views from above!


                 another tired guy crashin pretty hard by the looks of things



FlyGROOTE (10)

FlyGROOTE (11)

by the time we came in for landing, i too had crashed hard.