Thursday, May 24, 2012

more phone eyes &

there are sweet rides all over this place

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im now working two jobs, one as a barman at the alyangula golf club, take out window above and friday night karaoke below, my ears hurt, then bled and then i felt a pain in my soul that i cant exactly explain. they "sang" at least ten in a row, no joke.

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                      raynees mum has been flowing me phantom comics, haven’t read them
                      since i was a kid. occasionally you will get an awesome cell such as this.
                      more to come?

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i swear to you this burger was ten times over the worst i have ever consumed, but for the 25 dollars i paid for it the pain in my wallet made me eat the whole thing. bought from the dugong resort.

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for my second job im working at the school tutoring assistant indigenous teachers.
it is super challenging but rewarding on multiple levels.
here is a map of indigenous aus that is super awesome.
it is what i would call a real map of australia.

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            an awesome sign in the school, and a multiple choice solution!

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                         match storage in damp environments, not my idea.

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              another awesome sign, seen in the supermarket:

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there are no railway crossings here, but they do have the equivalent dedicated to letting these bad boys pass. they drive up and down it all day and the tires are around 3 metres high which is hard to tell from this angle.
get an idea of the size of these things here.  funnily enough they are autos too.
i wanna get a job driving one so bad, it would be a step up from the van!

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