Friday, January 30, 2009

lonely telephone


toy train/real train

st jeromes

i think i want one

fake polaroids of cancer towers

so i like these things, these cancer towerz.
there everywhere when yr drivin round the place.
i just drive on by em all day gazing upon their power,
cancer giving power that is,
transmitting their cancer to everything everywhere.

why cancer towerz?
i went through some sort of "godspeed you! black emperor"
listening addiction ages and also eons ago.
godspeed are hell sweet.
to me and maybe some other fool there like
canadian post rock anarchist musicians of apocalyptic dirges
anyway the track is called "gathering storm" and this is like a 22.32 minute long track
of musical greatness/awesomeness/catharsis and maybe a requiem for my or your soul.
the song is split up into four movements,
lift yr skinny fists like antenna's to heaven/
gathering storm/
welcome to barco am/pm/
cancer towers on holy road hi-way

that last part right there always made me think of them power lines you see below.
they just seem like cancer towerz to me is all.
i dont really like anything i just wrote but im not about to delete it,
it took to long in this effing heat and my beer went warm.

no oil war

so i guess i kinda hiked out to this bridge cuz i liked the sign painted on it.
i kinda see it everyday from the freeway and yeah i like it. so here it is.
hell sweet grammar yo.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

leaving kodak

partial journey down the stairs at kodak from last week.
my memory card filled up before i could complete the mission, oh well.
here it is anyway:

also here is a sample of some slides i found scattered around
the building covered in dust and stuff:

and projected onto/into my hallway...

i think that will be all from kodak for now.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

kodak part one: the outside

so on wednesday i think it was i finally ventured into the abandoned kodak complex in coburg.
when the digital age broke it was i guess the straw that broke kodaks back, in 2004 they sacked 600 workers from the coburg officies which drove them into this state of dishevelment.
more on that here
i'd like to say im not a fan of the digital age but hey, here i am blogging digital photo's on digital networks and typing with only my digit finger.
in my own defence and to the memory of analogue i also shot off a few rolls of 35mm there as well.
i drive past it nearly everyday for work and find it pretty fascinating.

kodak part two: underneath & projector room

so these two areas were moslty pitch black, and i was stumbling around walking into stuff and junk everywhere, i pretty much had to use the camera flash and the auto focus beam to move around. i could've sworn i was about to find something really bad. but i didnt.
anyway it was windy and hot as hell and everything was creaking and banging around.
noises coming from everywhere in pitch black was pretty crazy, scary even.

kodak part three: offices

last but not least.
excerpts, views and visual ponderment of five or six floors of abandoned scattered decaying offices.