Wednesday, June 12, 2013

bored blog

These pictures are shown in order of the date they were taken.
Not like it matters.
Im so bored right now, was gonna watch some movie, but my other computer is dead again, the one with all my movies and that.
The only reason its dying is cuz its like 5 yrs old now and was probably on 24hours a day for at least 4 of those.


Some vertical gawk up another ‘secret alleyway’ in an area full of rich people stores in the Paris end of the city. It suddenly reminds me of this stinging article on Melbourne's ‘Upper West Side’ which is down near Spencer St.
People have no imagination, and people that approve names for projects as stupid as this should be out of work, but then everything, the whole world is run by the most stupid people of all, politicians.
But banks own the world, and maybe China.






tight plates on the semi.




Here are some lines taken from a 2009 article in The Age about a murder and a bunch of other crap that has ties to The Motel Saville in South Yarra, pictured below:

“a baby-faced prostitute with a broad mind and a mean streak”

“vice bosses planned to use him in a snuff movie, which would end with his death”

“Chartres-Abbott dropped into conversation that he was a 200-year-old vampire”

“he was seen as a rat and not a particularly reliable one”

“Perry learnt he was hot - and the source was impeccable”





see how that sign says 60 kph?
Well the ancient man driving the orange Holden was doing about 25-35 on average. I followed him
real close for a little bit after this, he didnt see the giant van grimacing at his bumper once.
It is amazing the daily occurrences of people not paying attention while they drive.
Meandering sheep, the lot of em’



I go to 711 a lot, like daily.
Im addicted to the 1$ Coffees.
What you gotta do though is press the short black button, let it do its thing, then press Cappuccino or Latte after the short blacks in the cup.
They use Grinders coffee which isn't the worst going around and with the extra shot, well its about the best 1$ coffee money can buy.
And if they question you about the extra shot, just let em’ know that even though its a dollar, you still expect the cup to be full, and the extra shot is the best way to justify that.

Cause without it, the tide is out.


Outer suburban industrial dumping ground and the best known source for soggy mattresses, moist chipboard and the slowly dwindling amounts of tube televisions.


staff burger.
Also i love any and all old Bose and Denon hi-fi gear.
how could you not?




the “Bill Posters will be Prosecuted” sign on this wall has been changed too.
it reads:  ”Bill Posters, Pro Cute”

i mean...aren't we all??