Wednesday, December 15, 2010

el guincho / washed out @ rooftop




washed out show was sweet, listen to em here13122010178

got the obligatory beatbox kitchen run by my buddy raph,
as always the burgers were flawless. unlike this photoHPIM0472

el guincho came on after much technical difficulty and immediately appeased the crowd with his awesome accent and super fun tunes…13122010181

alas he only got to play half a set because of some sort of noise curfew thing the bar had to enforce BUT he then announced that they were gonna try move the show downstairs to the toff in town to continue/restart/finish the show. awesome.HPIM0476

he was reall nice to all the ladies, raynee and suz getting near their new favorite man13122010184



toff in town thing definitely went down, everyone was super stoked on getting a double dose of the el quincho show!13122010185

if you don’t know el guincho then I assure you that you will after this watching the incedible video the song bombay…