Tuesday, February 2, 2010

flying south

earlier (dec 09) i was involved in a little group photo exhibition at
‘yellow bird’ down in prahran. it was called Flying South, big thanks to  
libby kinnaird and matt obrien for organizing.
featured were: shots/pics by nate gamble, chris middlebrook, tim hillier, mike martin, libby and matto and a couple other people i didn’t get to meet.
for your casual perusal, the four shots i chose to exhibit:

“the future” 125x80cmthe future [1024x768]
left to right: bryce golder, sam george, callum paul, keegan walker, jack kirk, ducky and mr sam spiers

“agoraphobic nightmare”: 50x40cmagoraphobic nightmare [1024x768]

“canary”: 60x40cmcanary [1024x768]

“viva hoopz”: 40x80cmviva hooopz [1024x768]