Wednesday, January 6, 2010

double donney dinney

so now that i have moved out from livin with donny this means bad cuz there will be no more dinner being seved up anymore, dont worry tissues are on special at aldi for like 50 cents a box, so stop with the weeping and enjoy the last two servings possibly EVERZ!

first course: 

promite and hot water

mix it

taste test it (not the promite)

add to pasta on the right (to the left is an unsolved mystery)

consume !
second course, well thats just some sort of humble lentil stew suprise...

farewell donovan,
may your culinary quest not lead you to bowel cancer but to the nirvana of pure taste.
whats next?
diversals delicacies?
who knows...

p.s if yr still hungry click here for seconds