Saturday, October 3, 2009

friday pm (adventures?)

so on friday we went to the standard to meet a couple fools & mal (floydster)
and then we went to say what up to max at his place cause he was havin a few over and drinks for his birthday,i liked max's place
i noticed four items of awesomness at once:
speaker (with good music) a bike, indoor plants and a cold beer

gayfag and chewbacca, killing it when visualised:

callum james paul just got back from NYC, his hair is still kinda reddish,
like his red wine teeth but, his blog is ok
middsy.. are you there...?
i mean,
what year is it?

it would appear to be 2012 sir

outside just near the year above there was a 1966 valiant vc safari wagon,
one of the greatest cars_____everzz