Sunday, October 4, 2009

dali: second attempt

after attempting to see the dali exhibit a few months ago when it first opened we all decided that we should give it another shot, so flick said we should all meet up saturday night and try to go late to avoid crowds. so we met at flicks, it was a good plan and everyone had afternoon naps then met up late for a pre exhibit drink.

we left flicks like 2:30am and had a random beardo sighting, listen to jez tee...amazing!

this is what the line looked like at three in the morning, so hideous.


we lined up for so long it was a joke...
when we got to here it was around 4:30am and still had another at least three hundred metres of lining up to go as we realised to our horror, the horror that the line curved and snaked around the inside of the building,
so like many others before us. we called it quits and hopefully learned that procrastinating shows like this is a bad idea.