Thursday, September 10, 2009


so mids, mike, brass, nate and yours truly went skating at an abandoned firefighting training complex the other day also seen here on max's blog, it was late in the day and dark inside so we needed the generators and lights and tripods and all the other crap needed to film skateboarding these days, whatever happened to just getting on your board and shredding?
the place is pretty big and well rubbley (if i may use my poets license)

we roped all the gear up the sides, mike seen here flexin'

light maybe?
nah, light for sure... we gots generators!
as per usual brass was shredding hard...
bump made from an old gas bottle

brass filmed a line in minimal time...
looks good!
unfortunately soon after mike rolled his ankle, seen here chilling with some ice on it
and then i did this to my trucks trying some wallride stunts

time to pack it up

skateboarding is not a crime