Sunday, March 8, 2009

jeffri's bucks

last weekend was jeffri klasevski's bucks day.
it happened in good ol geelong and was madness.

this is jeff:
caveman boardy over to the second set.
photo: dunnyit all started at geelong legend caccas place where we bbq-ed and such.
here is caccas in the shade,
looking pretty good for a man who hadn't slept the night before due to the party life.

jeff and steiner warmin up to get wild

punch out of buckets...

so "the cheeks" had picked up about 20 or so bikes from the geelong tip that week so we could take all the bikes into G-land and do a pub crawl: awesome
we left our sanity behind from this point on.....

this guy who had beers in the back of his bike detoured off the edge into the water,
like a metre drop or something onto seaweed and rocks and other junk like that...

ambrose kenny smith was there...

hazy was laughing so much he got a blood nose, this is the cheeks washing his face for him.

jeff was killing it all day:
so then as we got to each pub it was decided that the only way to park the bikes was to stack em up nicely outside...

this guy on the left was on big brother for a bit, apparently an ouspoken housmate
who started some stuff in there, he was pretty cool though

there were bikes everywhere...

jeff looking weary but still killing it!
ambrose and aidan chillin...
the cheeks looking at diversal with steiner on peeping the camera
jack millner is wild

we made some friends with other bikers, but we werent gonna ride with them to brisbane.

the cheeks was buying rounds like this all day, i think his spending got into the thousands.
seriously. im not kidding. when you drink with cheeks everyone drinks....

big post, even bigger day. later geelong.