Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mindfield premier part two (skids)

after the espy mindfield celebrations and free coronas it was all about riding home....

jewie stacked it on the way to a stop off and chill at albert park lake:
i also stacked it trying some sort of fishtail skid on some gravel at full speed:
kenny bloggins, midds keegan and jewie on the ground who decided to have a nap...
found some water at a water fountain, those specs are dust not water...

i was loving my new bike:

jewie was still sleeping so....
we kinda tried to spray some dust at him!

excellent form by midds:
at the end jewie who's real name is yuta tanaka decided to stand up with his bike and then promptly fall back asleep while standing for a truly epic photo op.
also living up to his other nickname yuta tanarcolepsy
trully awesome.