Thursday, December 11, 2008

present from uncy gorbs: part one

at prahran today nate dog came down to deliver me some spare wheels he had.
not only did he bring me his spare wheels but he also bought down a present from uncy gorbs who he had just been chilling with.
as you can see it was a blank plank with a beer taped to it!
here i am attempting to sip the delicious elixir contained within...
click on this pic to read the note gourlay left for me:
lets just say it's one of the best things i've ever recieved.
thanks nate and gorbs for the hookups!

p.s this is totally part one as i intend to perform said nollie flip over hip and
then write a review of pictured board and then deliver evidence to gorby
and then drink beer, yes beer, my sweet sweet beer. where have you gone?
i have drunk you all...